A:In the process of converting waste plastics into diesel fuel, you need to pay attention to the below four points.1. Selection and preparation of waste plastic materials; 2. Temperature control during operation; 3. The use of catalyst during distillati
A:The output of a pyrolysis plant varies a lot mainly depending on the raw material to be processed.DOING waste pyrolysis plant has different model and handling capacity, among which the batch 10ton capacity is most favored by our foreign customers due to its good economic performance.
A:Generally, the waste tire or plastic pyrolysis machine is a kind of environmental waste recycling machine used to protect environment and earn profits through selling its byproducts-fuel oil, carbon black and steel wires. But there are some customers
A:At present, countries all over the world are looking for new ways to eliminate these black garbage, tire pyrolysis is a one of the good ways, even the best way. The final product of tire pyrolysis includes 45% fuel oi, 35% carbon black, 15% steel wires and 10% light gas which are all can be resued.