A:Full continuous type pyrolysis plant and batch type pyrolysis plant are two types pyrolysis plants can be selected. Customers can choose suitable pyrolysis plant based on the national policy, automation degree requirements and investment budget.
A:Waste tire can be pyrolyzed into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and uncondensable gas by waste tire recycling machine, which can indeed bring great economic value and environmental value.
A:Various heating energies can be used for heating the reactor of waste plastic recycling plant, such as coal, wood, diesel, pyrolysis oil, CNG, LPG, electricity, etc. Customers can choose the most suitable type according to the requirements.
A:Plastic can be turned into fuel oil, carbon black and tail gas by processing of pyrolysis plant, which can bring investors high economic benefits. Different types of waste plastics produce different proportions of waste plastic pyrolysis products.

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