A:At present, countries all over the world are looking for new ways to eliminate these black garbage, tire pyrolysis is a one of the good ways, even the best way. The final product of tire pyrolysis includes 45% fuel oi, 35% carbon black, 15% steel wires and 10% light gas which are all can be resued.
A:The cost of refining 1T used motor oil is mainly composed of the following three aspects, The profit of refining 1 ton of waste engine oil mainly comes from one aspect: the sales profit of the product(diesel and asphalt).
A:Before deciding to do waste plastic recycling business, you need to make the following four preparations to start the waste plastic to fuel oil business.
A:Every year, we will produce a great number of used motor oil or engine oil which can contaminate 1 million gallons of fresh water – a year’s supply for 50 people. Just one quart of used oil can produce a two-acre slick. But do you know there is a