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What are the products of pyrolysis of rubber?

Waste Tire/Plastic Pyrolysis Plant / Date:08-22-2023

The obtained products of pyrolysis of rubber mainly depend on the types of waste rubber. The general rubber in our daily life mainly includes the car/truck/bicycle tires, OTR tires, rubber soles, unclassified rubber, etc. with the oil yield between 35%~52%.

If your processing materials are waste tires, the products of pyrolysis are pyrolysis fuel oil(45%), carbon black(30%), steel wire(10%) and flammable syn-gas(10%); if your processing materials are rubber powder or other rubbers without steel wire, the products of pyrolysis are pyrolysis fuel oil, carbon black and flammable syn-gas. The purer the rubber, the higher the oil yield, can even reach 53%~56%.

DOING waste rubber pyrolysis machine for saleDOING waste rubber pyrolysis machine for sale

The pyrolysis fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and flammable syn-gas obtained from pyrolysis of rubber all have multiple applications:

1. Pyrolysis fuel oil: It is widely used as a liquid fuel for boilers, cement factories, steel factories, heavy oil generators, furnace fuel substitution, etc. It can also be further refined into diesel with waste oil distillation machine and used for heavy machinery, ships, trucks, boilers and diesel generators, etc.

2. Pyrolysis carbon black: It is used as a solid fuel; it can be used for modified liquid fuel production, as a sorbent, activated coal substitution, as a filling material for production of new low-duty rubber goods, as a colorant for paints and colors, cement and other productions, as a filling material for rubber-bituminous mastic and as a substance for disposal of mercury-containing materials (of bulbs, etc.).

Multiple applications of obtained useful productsMultiple applications of obtained useful products

3. Steel wire: It can be sold directly or remelted for other uses.

4. Flammable syngas: It is used as heating fuel for the pyrolysis process and can be stored as well for other kinds of heating purposes.

DOING has researched three types of waste rubber pyrolysis machines to process various types of waste rubber:

1. Skid-mounted waste rubber pyrolysis machine: this type has a small processing capacity, like 100/500KG per batch, so if you have fewer rubber to process or want to make initial investment in rubber pyrolysis project, you can select this type.

2. Batch type waste rubber pyrolysis machine: this type has no strict requirements on the types and states of rubbers, and it also has various capacities for your reference, such as 10/15/20+ tons per batch. So it's also a cost-effective choice.

Various types of DOING waste rubber pyrolysis machine for saleVarious types of DOING waste rubber pyrolysis machine for sale

3. Fully continuous waste rubber pyrolysis machine: this type has a larger processing capacity and higher automation to enhance working efficiency. For this type, we need to process waste rubbers to rubber powder. Of course, if you need, DOING also has the waste rubber to rubber powder production line machines.

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DOING has researched rubber pyrolysis technology for over 13 years. Both synthetic rubber and natural rubber are OK as the raw materials of our waste rubber pyrolysis machine. If you are interested in the waste rubber pyrolysis machine project or want to learn more information about selecting a suitable rubber pyrolysis machine, please feel free to contact us.


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