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The 18TPD waste tire pyrolysis machine was delivered to Thailand

DOING News / Date:12-20-2023

In December, the end of 2023, the 18TPD waste tire pyrolysis machine ordered by our Thailand customer was successfully delivered from DOING factory. The following are some pictures of the delivery site:

Delivery picture of tire pyrolysis plant to ThailandDelivery picture of tire pyrolysis machine to Thailand

The Thailand customer has engaged in waste tire pyrolysis business for over 20 years. With the continuous update of pyrolysis technology, the Thailand customer decided to order the newly designed waste tire pyrolysis machine to enhance its working performance and generate more profits. Considering the Thailand customer attached great importance to the working safety and environment of the pyrolysis machine running, in July, 2023, the DOING sales manager arranged a factory visit for the Thailand customer, who was satisfied with our waste tire pyrolysis machine. Especially during the machine operation, there is no bad smell and other pollution, such as dust and water pollution.

Some projects of DOING pyrolysis machinesSome projects of DOING pyrolysis machines

Additionally, during the cooperation process, our sales manager also made a detailed introduction about our equipped configurations, such as the patented safety device- Negative Pressure Vacuum Device. This device can fully extract the remaining oil gas from the pyrolysis reactor to avoid flash explosion to ensure the work safety. The environmental protection systems- Tail gas cleaning system(purify the tail gas), Desulfurization tower(purify the smoke), Carbon black wind conveying system(avoid dust pollution), etc. And our cooling systems all adopted circulating water, producing no waste water pollution.

Vacuum device of DOING patented safety deviceVacuum device of DOING patented safety device

About one month later, the waste tire pyrolysis machine will arrive at the Thailand port designated by the Thailand customer, then our engineer will provide timely and patient guidance of machine installation and running and professional training for the local workers to ensure the successful setting of the waste tire pyrolysis machine project.

Henan DOING Company has been involved in pyrolysis machine manufacturing and installing for over 13 years, and apart from the 18TPD ordered by the Thailand customer, DOING also has other capacities for your reference, from the small scale of 100/500 kg per batch to the large scale of 40/50 tons per day, so if you also want to set up pyrolysis machine project in your country, just feel free to contact us!


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