DOING waste tire to oil machine solves the problem of waste tire disposal in Kuwait

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Kuwait, located in the northeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, temperatures in the summer are generally above 40 degrees Celsius, up to 52 degrees Celsius, very hot, which severely shortens the service life of car tires, making Kuwait the world's most frequent tire replacement country.

kuwait tyre recyclingKuwait

A garbage dump in Kuwait that piles up used tires all year round, the number of accumulated tires is amazing, becoming the world's largest "tomb of tires." In the local area, people dig holes in sand land every year to fill old tires. Today, more than 7 million discarded tires have been “retained” and can be seen even in space. This kind of treatment has serious safety hazards. If there is a fire, the consequences will be quite serious. It is reported that there was an accident of a tire pile fire in Kuwait last year. Because it was difficult to extinguish, the loss was serious.

kuwait tire to oil machineKuwaiti discarded tires seen in space

On July 11, we received a customer from Kuwaiti customers who came to inspect waste tire to oil machine. Not long ago, the customer saw the opportunity of waste tyre to oil project, and contacted us to learn more about the waste tire to oil machine, and specifically come to DOING.

kuwait tire oil machineCustomer from Kuwait visiting DOING

The customer went to our factory to inspect the manufacturing situation of the waste tire to oil machine. At last, our engineers made a detailed tyre pyrolysis business plan, according to the his own situation. The customer expressed satisfaction and went back to prepare for the project. We will keep in touch and provide him with the information needed for setting up waste tyre to oil project in a timely manner.

kuwait tire to oil machineKuwait customer investigating waste tire to oil machine in DOING factory

If you are in Kuwait, seize this opportunity and contact us immediately, you will get a free quote.


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