Market and profit analysis of waste tyre to oil plant project

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The waste tyre to oil plant is very profitable and environmental. It has both environmental and economic value. The raw material of the pyrolysis plant can deal with a wide range of waste materials, waste plastics, waste tyres which is very cheap and in some places it is even free.The pyrolysis oil sells well in the world. Many countries import the fuel oil. The oil yiled of the waste tyre to oil project is about like this: the fuel oil yield rate is about 40%-45%,the carbon black yield rate is 30%-35%,the steel wire rate is 10%-15%, the gas is 10%-12%.

Take the 10T capacity waste tyre to oil plant for example. We will analysis the profit of 10T capacity waste tyre to oil plant.

The cost of 10T capacity pyrolysis plant  
Oil output A     B=10T*45%=4.5T
Fuel (coal) B     0.8T*price/ton
electricity C     15kw·h*20h
Workers’ salary D     4*price/person
Crude oil E     10T*45%*price/ton
Carbon black F     10T*35%*price/ton
Tires wire G     1T*10%*price/Ton

Then we can calculate the yearly profit: Profit=E+F+G-(B+C+D). By the research of the price of the raw material and the fuel oil price in the market you can calculate the profit you make. You can contact us for more details about the waste tyre to oil plant freely.

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