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Vietnamese customer purchased a set of 15TPD waste tire pyrolysis machine

DOING News / Date:04-15-2024

Congratulations! On April 11, 2024, DOING reached a friendly cooperation with our Vietnamese customer on a set of 15TPD waste tire pyrolysis machine. Unsimilar with the common design, this waste tire pyrolysis machine adopts the water tank cooling system, which makes special design for the tubers inside the water tank to get better cooling effect and avoid carbon black deposition.

Water tank cooling system of DOING pyrolysis machineWater tank cooling system of DOING pyrolysis machine

The Vietnamese customer previously engaged in the waste tire pyrolysis machine industry, owning abundant experience in pyrolysis machine selecting and operation. Therefore, when he decided to purchase a new pyrolysis machine to recycle waste tires, he attached great importance to the design and quality of the waste tire pyrolysis machine in the markets and compared several machine suppliers. Finally, he selected DOING and sent the machine inquiry to us.

DOING 15TPD pyrolysis machine for saleDOING 15TPD pyrolysis machine for sale

After having a brief learning about the basic situation and core demands of the Vietnamese customer, our sales manager made a detailed introduction about our machine and invited our customer to have a visit to our factory and our customer site. During the visiting period, our sales manager demonstrated professional knowledge, skills and patient and perfect services to our Vietnamese customer, which won the trust and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

Departments of DOING company and factoryDepartments of DOING company and factory

And in order to facilitate the final cooperation, we also invite our Vietnamese customer to visit the customer site to observe our equipment performance and product quality up close. Finally, the Vietnamese customer was satisfied with our waste tire pyrolysis machine and signed the contract with DOING on a set of 15TPD waste tire pyrolysis machine.

About forty days later, this set of waste tire pyrolysis machine will be delivered to Vietnam. Then our engineer will provide professional guidance and training for our Vietnamese customer to help him set up the project as soon as possible.

All-round services provided by DOING teamAll-round services provided by DOING team

As an experienced manufacturer and supplier of pyrolysis machines, DOING also has other solid waste recycling equipment for your reference in addition to the waste tire pyrolysis machine, such as waste plastic pyrolysis machine, aluminum plastic pyrolysis machine, oil sludge treatment machine, waste oil distillation machine, etc. For any detailed information about this equipment, welcome to contact us directly, more discounts are available for you!


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