pyrolysis oil from tires
Pyrolysis oil from tires plant

Henan Doing produced pyrolysis oil from tires plant  adopts pyrolysis recation that convert waste tire to fuel oil ,carbon black.

Pyrolysis  is  a  complex  series  of  chemical  and  thermal reactions to decompose or depolymerize organic material under oxygen-free conditions. The products of pyrolysis include oils, gases and char. The pyrolysis oil products in this research are from tire and plastic which are dissimilar  in  physical  properties  and  chemical  properties. 
pyrolysis oil from tire
Pyrolysis oil from tires plant  working process


1.The appearance  of  the  tire  pyrolysis  oil  is  thick-liquid  and dark colour oil where as the appearance of the plastic pyrolysis oil is grease oil liked and dark colour oil at 30°C (room temperature). They all strong smell due to the high aromatic substance.

2.As the comparison usage of this research is in diesel engine,  the  pyrolysis  oil  from  process  is  a  mixture  of carbon composition which are C  5-C  20 in tire pyrolysis oil and C  10-C  30 in plastic pyrolysis oil. The oil requires dis- tillation  process  to  differentiate  the  diesel-like  oil  from other compounds. The distillation temperature applied in this  research  is  180°C.  The  substance  that  evaporates before 180°C is taken out. The remaining is analyzed and tested  in  one  cylinder  multipurpose  agriculture  diesel engine. The properties comparison of plastic oil, tire oil and diesel oil is analyzed as shown in Table

3. The  proximate  analysis  was  conducted  using  a  thermo-gravimetric  analyzer.  The  elemental  determination (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur content) are ana- lyzed  by  a  CHNS  Elementary  Analyzer.  The  chlorine content  of  PVC  was  determined  by  improved  oxygen bomb combustion - ion chromatography method which is based on  the  standard  method  in  ASTM  D 4208-02. The heating value of all the samples was measured using bomb calorimeter.

pyrolysis tire oil application
Tire pyrolysis oil application

4.The heating value and the flash point of plastic pyrolysis  oil  is  the  highest  while  the  other  properties  are comparable. As the plastic pyrolysis oil is wax form in room  temperature,  the  oil  requires  pre-heating  process before input to diesel engine.

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