Continuous Pyrolysis Plant

Advantages of continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

Continuous Pyrolysis Plant / Date:11-27-2020

The continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant is equipped with an automatic feeding system and two sealed discharging systems, which makes it easy to operate. It not only can dispose 10-100 tons of waste plastics per day, but also can work continuously for 24 hours per day without a stop.

700-450阿里详情2.jpgContinuous waste tire pyrolysis plant process

Continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant is the equipment line which can process waste tires to fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire for further use. As the vehicle increasing with the improving living standard, more and more waste tires generated every day. And waste tires as a solid waste not only occupy the land, the most important is it cause pollution to the environment. So how to dispose the waste tires becoming more and more necessary.

But at first the continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant is batch type, which has low automation and mainly operated by labour. This batch type pyrolysis plant needs to be stopped after every process for discharge residues (carbon black and steel wire) and feeding tires again. For one complete process, it takes about 16-20 hours, almost one whole day. And this batch type pyrolysis plant cannot process big quantity feedstock. For safety consideration, it only can process at most 15 tons tires per day per set. This is enough for the personal business. But for large scale waste tire dealing companies or government projects, this kind of batch type waste tire pyrolysis plant may not meet their demand. So, as the increasing demand of the market and improving technology, last year we just developed a new design as continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant. That's why we developed the continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant.

continuous tyre pyrolysis plant projectProject picture of continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

Working process of continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

The working process of fully continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant is: raw material pre-treatment, automatic feeding, pyrolysis, oil gas cooling, exhaust gas purification, automatic carbon black discharging. Here is our new design 3D video of our continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant:

Advantages of continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

This continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant is improved based on batch type pyrolysis plant, but has many improvements. It mainly has several advantages as below:

1.High capacity, which can process at least 15 tons waste tires per day, up to 100 tons waste tires per day;

2.Fully automatic with continuous feeding and discharge system;

3.PLC or intelligent computer control system, thus to save labour;

4. Multiple reactors design for fully pyrolysis to get fast pyrolysis efficiency and high oil rate;

5.Indirect heating to prolong the usage life of the reactor;

6.Same as the batch type pyrolysis plant, it's also applicable to process waste plastics.

fully continuous tire pyrolysis plantContinous waste tire pyrolysis plant advantage

If you want to know more informations about our continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant, please feel free to contact us. We DONG Company has specialized in waste tire pyrolysis project for about 14+ years, we would like to provide valuable informations and suggestions to help you implement this project. And we have rich installation projects and real shot running videos of fully continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant to show you.


Technical data of Advantages of continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

No. Item Specifications
1 Model DY-C-15 DY-C-20 DY-C-30 DY-C-50 DY-C-60 DY-C-80 DY-C-100
2 Cpacity 15T/D 20T/D 30T/D 50T/D 60T/D 80T/D 100T/D
3 Power 35Kw 50Kw 65Kw 80Kw 90Kw 105Kw 120Kw
4 Working type Continuous
5 Reactor deisgn Mutiple reactors (The quantity and size depends on the raw material condition)
6 Rotating Internal rotating
7 Cooling system Recycled waster cooling
8 Reactor material Q245R/Q345R boiler plate
9 Heating method Indireact hot air heating
10 Heating fuel Fuel oil/gas
11 Feedstock Waste tire/plastic/rubber
12 Output Fuel oil, carbon black

Fuel oil application of continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

tire pyrolysis oil applicationsWaste tire pyrolysis fuel oil applications

The tire pyrolysis oil can be widely used as fuel oil in industries such as steel and iron and boiler factories, ceramics, power or chemical industries or hotels, restaurants etc. or used for generators to get electricity. With the demand of oil increasing, the price of pyrolysis oil will become higher and higher and you will make high profits. Carbon black and steel wire also have wide applications.

continuous pyrolysis plant productsApplications of fully continuous tire pyrolysis plant products


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