Waste Oil Distillation Plant

Engine oil purification machine

Waste Oil Distillation Plant / Date:08-20-2021

The engine oil purification machine is specially designed for refining waste engine oil. Through the refining equipment, the black heavy engine oil is refined into clean, bright-colored diesel. It is a great way to save resources and energy for our world, while, at the same time, reaping a huge profit. Because of the catalytic distillation method we use, the engine oil purification machine is also called waste oil distillation machine.

used engine oil distillation machineUsed oil distillation machine in the engine oil refinery plant

The working process of the oil purification machine

1. Preheating

The engine oil purification machine uses two heating systems, one is to heat the distillation reactor with heat transfer oil. The engine oil purification machine needs to preheat the heat transfer oil for a certain period of time before starting up.

2. Distilling

Heat the reactor with heat transfer oil and a burner at the same time. In a high temperature and oxygen-free environment, the distillation reactor will produce oil and gas after reaching a certain temperature.

3. Cooling

The heavier oil and gas are purified by the catalytic tower, the purified oil and gas are cooled into liquefied oil through the condenser and stored in the fraction tank.

4. Purifying

The non-condensable oil and gas in the condensing system is purified by a water seal and used as fuel to heat the distillation reactor.

5. Decolorization and deodorization

used engine oil filter machineUsed engine oil filter machine

Feed the oil in the oil tank into the decolorizing pot, the white clay is added to stir to decolorize, and then the oil fully mixed with the white clay is pumped into the leaf filter to obtain a clear color oil, which is then finely filtered to remove impurities. You can get clean, bright non-standard diesel.

6. Flue gas treatment

The flue gas produced by the heat-conducting oil furnace and the reactor is processed by the desulfurization tower and discharged into the atmosphere after meeting the national emission standards.

The advantages of engine oil purification machine

1. The rapid heating system of the engine oil purification machine uses the heat-conducting oil and the burner to heat at the same time. On the one hand, it can save fuel, on the other hand, it can improve the production efficiency.

2. The oil output rate of the engine oil purification machine can reach 80%-85%, and the obtained oil is fully purified, the oil quality is good.

3. Each reactor of the engine oil purification machine has a thermometer and a safety valve, which is not only convenient for operation, but also safe.

4. The entire refining process is well sealed to prevent gas leakage. And after the exhaust gas is processed, it meets the national emission standards.

5. The reactor adopts a vertical design, which is convenient for slagging, easy to clean, and significant economic benefits.

6. The reactor adopts indirect heating method, which can be evenly and effectively heated and prolong the life of the reactor.

The uses of products from oil purification machines

After the engine oil is purified, you can obtain diesel oil and asphalt. Both of these products have a wide range of uses and markets.

Diesel can be used in diesel combustion engines, generators, heavy machinery and agricultural machinery, it has the environmental protection characteristics of low energy consumption and low pollution. Asphalt can be used directly for road paving or sold to an asphalt plant for refining.

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