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Small scale waste tyre pyrolysis equipment

Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant / Date:11-27-2020

Our 500kg capacity small scale waste tyre pyrolysis equipment just finished machine loading in factory and shipped to customer from Switzerland. Actually, this is not our first small scale waste tyre pyrolysis equipment ordered by our customer. Besides, we already exported 300kg and 500kg small scale pyrolysis equipment to Australia, Italy and Denmark. They are very popular with customer from developed countries.

small scale pyrolysis equipmentSmall scale waste tyre pyrolysis equipment

As we know, the feedstock for our waste pyrolysis plant has waste tyre, rubber and various kindly of plastics. Normally the oil output of waste tyre is fixed, around 40%-45%, but for plastics, the oil output ranges from 20%--80% , and some customers even do not know what kind of plastic they are going to use as the raw material, at this time, they will consider using our small scale pyrolysis equipment to do the test, and meanwhile check the technological process and quality as well as after sales of DOING Company. If everything is ok, customer will expand the project by installing big scale pyrolysis equipment.

small scale pyrolysis equipment Waste recycling to energy by small scale pyrolysis equipment

The other advantage of our small scale pyrolysis equipment is that , it is well assembled before delivery, customer no need spend time on the installation. The operation can start once it is taken to customers’ place, very convenient. Besides, it is container design, also very convenient for customers to do the transportation work.

small scale pyrolysis equipment Container design small scale pyrolysis equipment loading in workshop

From the following picture you can see wooden case with our small scale pyrolysis equipment. In order to avoid any damage during the transportation, we pack easily broken parts with wooden case. We try our best to let our customer receive a brand new and intact machine.

small scale pyrolysis machine Small scale pyrolysis equipment prepared for transportation

For small waste tyre pyrolysis equipment, we also have 1T/D, 3T/D, 5T/D units which could be made according to order. Contact us for details.


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