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10t low price waste plastic to oil plant

Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant / Date:02-22-2021

plastic to oil Waste plasitc

Plastics have woven their way into our daily lives and now pose a tremendous threat to the environment. Over a 100million tonnes of plastics a re produced annually worldwide, and the used produc ts have become a common feature at over flowing bins a nd landfills. Though work has been done to make futuristic biodegradable plastics, there have not been many conclusive steps towards cleaning up the existing problem. Here, the process of waste plastic to oil plant is explained as a viable solution for recycling of plastic.

waste plastic to oil plantWaste plastic to oil plant

Doing group produced waste plastic to oil plant with lower cost and higher fuel oil output can convert waste plastic to fuel oil ,carbon black .

10t low price waste plastic to oil plant can pyrolysis plastic to oil. This is a new green technologies .The waste plastic to oil plant not only can pyrolysis plastic,but also can recycling of waste tires and waste rubber. After years of research and improvement, DOING group company has achieved great success on the pyrolysis technology.

10t low price waste plastic to oil plant pyrolysis process:

plastic to oil 10t low price waste plastic to oil plant pyrolysis process

The pyrolysis process is an advanced conversion technology that has the ability to produce a clean, high-calorific value fuel from a wide variety of biomass and waste streams. It is the thermo-chemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen. The pyrolysis provides various operational, environmental and economical advantages. Under pressure and heat, the long chain polymers of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon decompose into short-chain petroleum hydrocarbons with a ceiling length of around 18 carbons. Hydrocarbon molecules from the basic materials are split under the impact of the catalytic (carbon material) convertor inside the reactor at 70–240 °C. The reduction of process temperature takes place from 500–600 °C to 240 °C. The higher yield of liquid fuel of about 98 % was achieved.

10t low price waste plastic to oil plant pyrolysis process advantage:

plastic to oil 10t low price waste plastic to oil plant pyrolysis process

1. Safety.

We have some safe devices such as the pressure gauge, alarming ring, safety valve. at the same time we have the anti-back fire device which can avoid the fire back into the reactor.

2. Environment protecting.

If you come to visit our company to see the running plant, you cannot even see the vapor. as we have the dust removal device and dust removal pool.

3. Energy saving.

Our anti-back fire device can collect the exhaust gases which can be fuels after the oil is out so is very convenient and you can save the energy .at the same time, we have the catalyst chamber which can reduce the temperature of the catalytic prolysis of the tires and plastics. so you can save lot's of energy. except this ,we have vacuum device which let the reactor be negative pressure. So you can image. 4. High degree of automatic.

We have many automatically devices such as: auto-feeder, carbon black elevator, oil pumping automatic, reducing pressure automatic.

Oil yield rate from waste plastic:

PVC material with very little oil, not good
PE 95%
PP 90%
PS 90%
ABS 40%
Pure white plastic cloth 70%
Plastic packag 40%
Plastic logo 20%
Paper coating dry material 60%, wet 15%-20%
Household garbage 30% - 50%
Pure plastic cable covers 80%
Clean plastic bag more than 50% 50%


Technical parameter of plastic to oil plant

No. Items Contents
1 Equipmenttype DY-1-6 DY-1-8 DY-1-10
2 Rawmaterial Waste plastic Waste plastic Waste plastic
3 Structuralform Horizontalrotation Horizontalrotation Horizontalrotation
4 24-hourCapacity 6ton 8ton 10ton
5 Oilyield 2.7-3.3ton 3.6-4.4ton 4.5-5.5ton
6 Operatingpressure Normal Normal Normal
7 MaterialofpyrolysisReactor Q245R Q245R Q245R
8 ThicknessofpyrolysisReactor 16mm 16mm 16mm
9 RotatespeedofpyrolysisReactor 0.4turn/minute 0.4turn/minute 0.4turn/minute
10 Totalpower 19KW 19KW 19KW
11 Modeofcooling Watercooling Watercooling Watercooling
12 Coolingareaofcondenser 100sqm 100sqm 100sqm
13 Kindoftransmission Internalgeardrive Internalgeardrive Internalgeardrive
14 NoisedB(A) ≤85 ≤85 ≤85
15 SizeofReactor(D×L) 2200×6000 2200×6600 2600×6600
16 Workingform Intermittentoperation Intermittentoperation Intermittentoperation
17 Deliverytime 20days 20days 20days
18 Weight 27T 30T 35T


Prepared by customer about waste plastic to oil plant:

No. Item Consumption
1 Coal(forchoice) 500kg/day
2 Wood(forchoice) 800kg/day
3 Naturalgas(forchoice) 100-150kg/day
4 Oil(forchoice) 300-350kg/day
5 Electricity 244kwh/day
6 Water(recycled) 60㎥/month
7 Totalpower 19kw
8 Landarea 35m*15m



Final product application genearaged by waste plastic to oil plant:

plastic to oil plantFuel oil application

Fuel oil: Widely used as fuel oil in industries such as steel and iron factories, ceramics or chemical industries or hotels, restaurants etc. or used for generators to get electricity.

plastic to oil plantCarbon black application

Carbon black: Used for construction bricks with clay also can be used as fuel



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