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Waste Oil Distillation Plant / Date:12-28-2020

Waste oil distillation plant can refine waste oil into diesel, which is a better fuel oil and has a better market value. It mainly consists of control cabinet, heat transfer oil system, vertical reactor, vertical and horizontal condensers, oil tanks, water seal device, decolorization and deodorization tower, and so on. After years of research, Doing Group has developed a high quality advanced waste oil distillation plant, which has a high diesel conversion rate of about 90%, making it a very popular and highly profitable green project.

waste oil distillation plantDoing advanced waste oil distillation plant

The work principle of Doing advanced waste oil distillation plant

Doing advanced waste oil distillation plant uses distillation technology, which is a process that uses selective boiling and condensation to separate the components or substances from a liquid mixture. Light diesel can be extracted from the waste oil mixture by distillation, which is a common method for separating and purifying waste oil in chemical plants.

Raw materials of Doing advanced waste oil distillation plant

1.Pyrolysis oil obtained from waste plastics, waste tires, waste rubber, etc.

2.Waste oil, such as waste engine oil, waste lubricating oil, waste oil residue ,waste motor oil, waste diesel and so on.

The work process of Doing advanced waste oil distillation plant

waste motor oil to diesel distillation plantThe workflow of Doing advanced waste oil distillation plant

First, introduce waste oil into the distillation reactor by a oil pump. And then fill the heat transfer oil with the whole heating system.

Then, the waste oil is heated internally with heat transfer oil and at the bottom with fuel such as coal, wood, gas, oil, etc. This double heating method can quickly heat the waste oil and shorten the operation time of the project.

Soon, the waste oil starts to boil and evaporate, the vapor then passes through the catalyst tower to remove impurities and the condensing tower to be condensed into a liquid, while some of the hydrocarbons with shorter lengths continue to exist as a gas.

Then, the cooled liquid oil, i.e. diesel, is introduced into the oil tank. The non-condensable gas is used to assist in heating the distillation reactor.

Then, when the distillation process is finished, there is some residue in the reactor, i.e. asphalt. Because Doing advanced waste oil distillation plant uses a vertical reactor, the asphalt can be easily discharged.

Finally, the flue gas produced by heating reactor can be purified by the desulfurization and purification system to meet the standard of environmental requirements and be discharged into the air.

What’s more, if you want to further purify this diesel fuel, you can add a deep purification system with an acid-base purification device and a pressure filtration system. The diesel fuel produced directly by the standard distillation system is brownish yellow in color. After further purification by the deep purification system, the diesel fuel obtained is light yellow in color.

Technical parameters of Doing advanced waste oil distillation plant

Technical parameter of Doing advanced waste oil distillation plant
Items Contents
Model DY-5t, DY-10t, DY-20t, DY-50t…
Raw material motor oil, waste tire crude oil, plastic crude oil
Structure form Vertical (easy cleaning and maintenance)
Heating method Indirect heating to prolong the machine service life
Operating pressure Constant pressure
Heating material Coal, charcoal, fuel gas, fuel oil
Average out-put oil rate 95%
Material of reactor 4 reactor with different material
Thickness of reactor 18mm
Mode of cooling Recycled water cooling
Power in total 20 Kw
Service life average 7 years
Land area 180㎡

The applications of final products

Through the advanced waste oil distillation plant, waste oil can be refined into diesel and asphalt, both of which can be used in different fields for different purposes.


The diesel obtained from the advanced waste oil distillation plant can be directly used in heavy duty diesel engines, such as tractors, trucks, ships, boilers, etc. Of course, it can also be used as fuel.

waste oil to diesel distillation plantThe applications of diesel


The asphalt obtained from advanced waste oil distillation plant can be used to pave roads or make other construction materials.

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