pyrolysis plant
Pyrolysis plant reactor

The material of our reactor is can be Q245R,Q345R boiler plate or 304 and 304 stainless.The thickness of the whole reactor plate is 16mm.Our reactor is manufactured exactly according to the standard of pressure vessel.The cap of the reactor is ellipsoidal ,just like a shell。This design has a stronger tension and can be welded by automatic welder. And compared to the labor welder, automatic welding is more professional and precise.
Here is a picture of pyrolysis plant reactor in our factory:

Pyrolysis plant reactor in our factory

Outside of the reactor, there is an insulation.It can keep the heat inside
And our insulation is made by 5 layers,which is more thick than others.
Here is a picture of pyrolysis plant reactor insulation in our factory:

Pyrolysis plant reactor insulation in our factory

The reactor will be covered by insulation. Between them, there is a gap.the smoke from furnace will flow from this gas to the dedusting system and after dedusting system, the smoke will be very clean.There is no air pollution.

Pyrolysis plant reactor


To help you understand the pyrolysis plant reactor better, please have a look at :

Till now we have successfully installed our project in more than 30 countries all over the world. Such as Romania, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Iran, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, Nigeria,Egypt, Hiati, Italy, Poland, etc.
Here are some pictures of the same design of reactor in our customers’ factories in different countries


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Pyrolysis plant

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