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Which company is a famous pyrolysis plant manufacturer in China?

Industry News / Date:09-07-2023

With sustainable development and innovation, Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to DOING Company)has become a leading famous pyrolysis plant manufacturer in China's pyrolysis industry. The following will introduce DOING company from the aspects of pyrolysis technology, the pyrolysis plant(quality, safety and environmental friendly standards), project cases and service system.

1. Pyrolysis technology

DOING company has a team of experienced engineers and technicians who are constantly working on improving the efficiency and performance of pyrolysis plants and updating pyrolysis technology. This dedication to technological advancement enables DOING to produce high-quality and reliable pyrolysis plants that meet the industry's strict standards.

pyrolysis plantsDOING three types of pyrolysis plants

So far, DOING company has 3 different types of pyrolysis technology, batch type, semi-continuous type and fully continuous type. DOING's pyrolysis plants have a number of patented products, such as vacuum negative pressure devices, which can effectively avoid safety accidents. In addition, DOING pyrolysis plants have obtained international certifications, as ISO, CE, SGS, etc.

2. The quality & safety environmental friendly standards of DOING pyrolysis plant

In waste tyre/plastic recycling projects, the quality, safety and environmental friendliness of pyrolysis plants are always the most important factors.

In terms of quality, our pyrolysis reactor adopts the most advanced welding technology, and can also customize the material of the plate, ensuring that its service life can reach 8-10 years. For example, our customer in Panama purchased a DOING pyrolysis plant 10 years ago and it is still in normal operation. (2023)

DOING pyrolysis plant in PanamaDOING pyrolysis plant in Panama

In the face of customers in different countries, on the premise of ensuring their safety, DOING company will recommend appropriate configurations to customers according to local environmental requirements. At present, more than 90 countries have installed DOING pyrolysis plants, which proves their safety and environmental protection.

3. Project cases

DOING pyrolysis plant manufacturer suppliers have cooperated with customers in all continents, including Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Oceania, Western Europe, North America, South America, etc. For detailed information, please visit our company news column. In addition, we have a lot of on-site operation video feedback from our customers. If you are interested, you can leave a message, and our project manager can give you a specific introduction. Or we can arrange a field trip locally.

pyrolusis plant project cases The project cases of DOING pyrolusis plant

4. Service system

DOING takes customer satisfaction very seriously. Therefore, DOING company provides comprehensive services, including pre-sale factory visit, free quotation, solution design service; in-sale inspection machine production and progress service; after-sales guidance on equipment installation, debugging, training and operation services.

sale serviceDOING's pre/on/after-sale service

DOING a complete service system can help customers solve difficulties at any time, and help us to establish a long-term cooperative partner relationship with our customers.

With advanced technology, commitment to quality and sincere service to customers, DOING has won a good reputation and more and more customers trust. Reading this, I believe that you will know the famous pyrolysis plant manufacturer in China---Henan DOING Company. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.


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