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Mexico customer bought 6 sets waste tyre pyrolysis plant in 2013

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waste tyre pyrolysis plant
Mexico customer meeting for waste tyre pyrolysis plant

In 2013, one customer from Mexico found us, after communicating with our project manager, this customer finally decided to buy 6 sets waste tyre pyrolysis plant, his machine finished installing and commissioning at August, and run well till now.
waste tyre pyrolysis plant
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant installed in Mexico
Actually before cooperation with us, this customer already bought 2 sets from other suppliers, however he often meets problems when operating, till the end, machine can not operate normally.
But this customer knows waste tire pyrolysis is absolutely a very good project, and has a bright future. So after careful consideration, customer decided to find new waste tyre pyrolysis plant supplier. Due to operating  this machine before, this customer knows machine well, so this time, customer compared carefully, studied every component, even to very small unit. Finally he chose DOING as his cooperation partner, and bought 6 sets machine at one time.
Waste tire in Mexico have already buried for about 40 years, the appearance of waste tire waste tyre pyrolysis plant is no doubt a huge gospel to Mexicans, at the same brings an opportunity. Welcome American customers visit!


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