Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Waste plastic recycling to fuel oil plant

Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant / Date:12-12-2020

plastic to oil plantWaste plastic

Plastic has been one of the most common materials since the beginning of 20th century because of its durability, low cost and light weight. Plastic makes up around 30% of all rubbish collected, which includes plastic bottles, containers, plastic wrap, packaging, electronic goods, car body parts, etc. As we all know, plastics are not only pollute the lands, waterways and oceans, but also affect the marine animals and humans, leading to the metabolic disturbance. Because the plastic is slow to degrade, this kind of waste becomes a problem for many countries. Today I will recommend a machine that recycles plastic without pollution - waste plastic recycling to fuel oil plant.

plastic recycling plantWaste plastic recycling to fuel oil plant

Compared to disposing of plastics through landfills or incineration, which causes serious environmental pollution and can lead to fire disasters or the spread of disease, using waste plastic recycling into fuel oil plant is a green way of waste management. Waste plastic recycling to oil plant can convert waste plastic to fuel oil and carbon black environment friendly, which not only solves environmental pollution but also creates wealth.

Henan Doing Company is a leading manufacturer specialized in large, medium and small size waste plastic recycling to fuel oil plant to get fuel oil. The advantages of buying our equipment are as follows:

1. High oil yield: plastic oil 85%-90% for PP, PE, PS, ABS.

2. Delivery time: the delivery time shall be 25days more or less after get the advance payment.

3. Warranty and machine life: We guarantee the complete machine 1 year, the reactor service life can be 6-8 years.

4. The machine Raw material: Q245R Boiler plate with 16mm thickness.

5. The machine installation: we will send engineer to buyer’s place when getting the machine. The engineer mainly installs the machine and training your workers. Until the machine can running well.

 Waste plastic recycling to fuel oil plant technical data

Technical parameter of waste plastic recycling to fuel oil plant
No. Items Contents
1 Equipment type DY-1-6 DY-1-8 DY-1-10
2 Raw material Waste plastic Waste plastic Waste plastic
3 Structural form Horizontal rotation Horizontal rotation Horizontal rotation
4 24-hour Capacity 6 ton 8 ton 10 ton
5 Oil yield 2.7-3.3ton 3.6 -4.4ton 4.5 -5.5ton
6 Operating pressure Normal Normal Normal
7 Material of pyrolysis Reactor Q245R Q245R Q245R
8 Thickness of pyrolysis Reactor 16mm 16mm 16mm
9 Rotate speed of pyrolysis Reactor 0.4turn/minute 0.4turn/minute 0.4turn/minute
10 Total power 19KW 19KW 19KW
11 Mode of cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
12 Cooling area of condenser 100sqm 100sqm 100sqm
13 Kind of transmission Internal gear drive Internal gear drive Internal gear drive
14 Noise dB(A) ≤85 ≤85 ≤85
15 Size of Reactor(D×L) 2200×6000 2200×6600 2600×6600
16 Working form Intermittent operation Intermittent operation Intermittent operation
17 Delivery time 20days 20days 20days
18 Weight 27T 30T 35T

Waste plastic recycling to fuel oil plant end products

Doing waste plastic recycling to fuel oil plant can convert waste plastic into fuel oil and carbon black. And they can be used in different fields for different purposes.

Fuel oil:

This oil product is a kind of crude fuel oil, which can be used for industrial heating used in any fuel needed industrial factories, such as cement plant, steel mill, glass factory, brick factory, boiler used factory, etc. Or it can be refined to diesel by waste oil distillation plant, which can be directly used in diesel burners, generators, heavy trucks, agricultural machinery, and mix with normal diesel used for cars.

plastic to fuel oil plantFuel oil application

Carbon black:

Carbon black produced from this waste plastic recycling to fuel oil plant is crude powdery material, which can be directly sold to cement factory mix with cement. Or made into briquettes used for heating, just like coal. Or grinded into fine powder used for making paint and printing ink.

plastic recycling plantCarbon black application

I'm sure you've learned a little bit about the waste plastic recycling to fuel oil plant from this article.If you are interested in this plant, welcome to contact us.


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