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Which plant can process Mazut and get diesel from it?

Industry News / Date:04-20-2024

Mazut, a kind of heavy oil like waste oil sludge, is very rich in oil components and it is a good kind of waste polymer that can obtain high quality fuel oil through a professional refinery process. Mazut can be either processed with waste pyrolysis plant or waste oil refinery plant, which mainly depends on the mazut’s condition. For e.g., if the mazut is very thin or in liquid condition, it can be refined to produce diesel fuel through our oil refinery plant. If it is in soil or solid condition, the pyrolysis plant will be more suitable to process first then refine it into diesel.

mazut pyrolysis refinery plantPyrolysis distillation plants for processing mazut into diesel

1. Mazut Refinery Recycling Technology

The mazut refinery treatment process mainly uses the distillation technology to separate the asphalt, water and oil gas in waste Mazut. And then though the catalyst technology and condensation, we can get the non-standard diesel.

The mazut to diesel refining process are as follows:

heavy oil to diesel refining processMazut to diesel refining process

(1) Pretreatment: If mazut contains a lot of impurities, pretreatment can be performed to preliminarily precipitate and filter some of the impurities and moisture. This step can ensure that the subsequent refining process goes more smoothly.

(2)Distillation: mazut is distilled in a heated environment in the reactor of waste oil refinery plant to decompose large molecular petroleum compounds into small molecular hydrocarbons.

(3)Separation: the distilled hydrocarbons are separated through an oil-water separator, and then introduced into a multi-stage condensation system to precipitate into liquid oil.

(4)Refining: catalyze and refine the precipitated liquid oil, including decolorization, deodorization, filtration and other steps, in order to obtain brightly colored non-standard diesel.

2. Mazut Pyrolysis Recycling Technology

The mazut pyrolysis treatment process is a thermal decomposition technique applied to heavy fuel oil, commonly referred to as mazut, to convert it into more valuable and usable products. Mazut is a low-quality residual fuel oil derived from crude oil refining and contains a high percentage of heavy hydrocarbons and impurities. By pyrolysis plant, the large molecules of mazut will be cracked into small molecules to get fuel oil.

Here is the waste mazut oil pyrolysis process overview:

pyrolysis plant working processMazut pyrolysis to fuel recycling process

(1)Feeding and Pre-Treatment: The process begins with the feeding of mazut into a pyrolysis reactor. Before entering the reactor, the mazut might go through pre-treatment steps such as filtering to remove large particulates and water removal.

(2)Heating and Thermal Cracking: Inside the reactor of pyrolysis plant, mazut is subjected to high temperatures, usually in the absence of oxygen, often reaching 300 to 600 degrees Celsius. This heat causes the complex hydrocarbon chains to break down into smaller molecules through a process called thermal cracking, thermal desorption/decomposition, or pyrolysis.

(3)Product Separation: As the mazut decomposes, it generates a variety of products. The gaseous fraction includes lighter hydrocarbons like methane, ethane, propane, and heavier components that can be further processed into synthesis gas (syngas). Liquid fractions are distilled and separated into various grades of oil, including diesel-like fuels, syn-gas and tar. Solid residue, often called char or coke, remains.

(4)Condensation and Refinement: The vaporized oil gas condense into liquids, which are collected and later refined to diesel and improve the quality and meet commercial fuel standards.

mazut to diesel processing plantApplications of diesel extracted from mazut recycling and process plant

Overall, the mazut pyrolysis and refinery plants aims to recycle and upgrade heavy oil Mazut, waste streams into more valuable energy sources while minimizing environmental impact. Different states of mazut processes may have different treatment steps and machines as we talked above. DOING group will give you some professional suggestions to deal with mazut or other kinds of organic solid waste in order to get diesel.


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