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How to make diesel fuel from used motor oil?

Waste Oil Distillation Plant / Date:05-05-2019

With an uncertain price of crude oil and high cost of fuel, many new technologies are emerging that can provide consumers alternatives to fuel. That's converting used motor oil to diesel fuel with waste oil distillation machine.

Then how to make diesel fuel from used motor oil? Here are used motor oil to diesel fuel production process designed by Henan Doing Company:

First, pump dirty motor oil into the waste oildistillation machine. And the heat transfer oil is pumped into the expansion tank in preparation for subsequent heating.

Second, weneed to heat dirty used motor oil and keep it at the best temperature for the best diesel quality. Heating the distillation reactor to about250°C, the used motor oil will generate oil gas under the action ofhigh temperature distillation.

Then, our cooling system will cool diesel oil gas into diesel. DOING waste oil distillation machine is equipped with a professional industrial condensing system, which canguarantee high oil yield.

Next, pump diesel into odor and color removal system to remove which will purify further diesel with acid-base solution.

Finally, you can get 80%-85% diesel fuel from our converting used motor oil to diesel fuel distillation machine.

waste oil distillation machineFinal diesel obatined from used motor oil distillation

The diesel fuel made from used motor oil distillation process can be used in diesel generators,trucks, ships, fishing boats, heavy machinery, boilers, etc. So the diesel fuel has wide applications and a great sales market. In fact, except for the 80%-85% diesel, you can also get 15%-25% asphalt, which could be used for paving, or directly sold to asphalt refineries for further refining.

waste oil distillation machineWaste oil distillation machine final diesel applications

Now you must be very clear about how to make diesel fuel from the used motor oil working process. It has become more and more popular right now to make diesel fuel from used motor oil and similar waste oils like tire plastic pyrolysis oil, used engine oil, oldlube oil, black oil, liquid oil sludge, etc. Not only for its relative simplicity but also due to the abundance and minimal cost of obtaining used oils.

So is the business of converting waste motor oil into diesel fuel worth the investment? The answer is absolutely yes. Taking five tons of waste oil distillation machine as an example, we have madethe following profit analysis for your reference:

ROI Analysis For 5T/D Oil Distillation Machine
Running Cost / Day
                Waste engine oil                5Ton * RMB1800/Ton = RMB9000
                Heating fuel (Diesel)                0.4Ton * RMB4800 = RMB1920
                Catalyst                RMB600
                Electricity                15Kw/h * RMB1*20h = RMB300
                Water                Water is for circulation use, no consumption
                Worker                2 * RMB100 = RMB200
Income / Day
                Light oil (Diesel & Gasoline)                4Ton * RMB4800 = RMB19200
                Oil sludge                0.75Ton * RMB1100 = RMB825
Profit / Day


If you also have plans to set up your used motor oil/waste oil to diesel fuel distillation plant, welcome to send us your inquiry. Henan Doing Company has rich waste oil distillation machine fabrication and installation experience, we can customize suitable machine purchasing solutions and provide professional services throughout.


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