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Installation Site of waste tire pyrolysis distillation plant in South Africa

In Africa / Date:02-14-2024

In February of 2024, Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. successfully provided a complete set of waste tire pyrolysis distillation plant to South African customers, and successfully completed the installation and commissioning work in South Africa.

This waste tire to diesel recycling processing project responds to South Africa's technical and environmental requirements in the field of waste resource utilization, and helps achieve efficient conversion and energy regeneration of solid waste such as waste tires.

Based on its deep foundation in the solid waste recycling industry and the rich local waste tire resources, the South African customer chose Henan Doing's customized solution and purchased a set of 15Tons/day capacity of waste tire pyrolysis plant and a set of 14 tons/day pyrolysis oil distillation plant. Both of the waste tire to diesel processing devices are carefully built in accordance with various local technical and environmental standards in South Africa, ensuring the compliance and safety of the equipment.

waste tire pyrolysis plant in South AfricaWaste tire pyrolysis plant installed in South Africa

pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation plant in South AfricaWaste tire pyrolysis oil distillation plant installed in South Africa

After the completion of the manufacturing of Doing's waste tire pyrolysis distillation plant, Henan Doing Company transported the equipment to South Africa through shipping channels and properly handled relevant international logistics and customs clearance procedures. Subsequently, a team of professional engineers sent by Doing went to the South African tire to diesel recycling project site to perform the installation and commissioning of Doing's waste tire pyrolysis distillation plant, and provided professional equipment operation training and training to the South African customer's operating team. Technical guidance ensures the smoothness of the entire installation process and the maximum performance of the equipment.

Through DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant, South African customers can decompose waste tires into products such as fuel, carbon black, steel wire, and combustible gas, realizing the recycling of waste tire resources. The Ppyrolysis oil distillation plant uses DOING new type solid catalyst process, which effectively improves the tire pyrolysis oil quality and refining efficiency. The non-standard diesel produced can be used for various purposes such as diesel generators, trucks, tractors, ships, agricultural machinery, etc., greatly improving the value of tire pyrolysis products.

tire to diesel plant in South AfricaApplications of waste tire pyrolysis distillation plant final products

With the successful installation and acceptance of this set of waste tire pyrolysis plant and tire pyrolysis oil distillation plant, the South African customer's waste tire to diesel plant project entered the stage of stable production. Henan Doing will also continue to provide technical support and services for waste tire recycling project installed in South Africa.


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