Why is vertical waste oil distillation machine better than horizontal one?

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Waste oil distillation machine can turn waste engine oil, tire/plastic pyrolysis oil to diesel, There are two main types of waste oil distillation machine on the market, vertical and horizontal. Generally speaking, the former is better than the latter.

waste oil distillation machineDOING vertical waste oil distillation machine

The waste oil distillation machine with horizontal reactor are changed on the basis of pyrolysis plant. Its capacity is large tonnage. Such as loading 20 tons waste oil per batch, then only use fuel to heat at the bottom. Due to heating area is too large, so a large amount of fuel is needed for heating, and the heating time is very long. It usually takes 3-4 days, then it is cooled down for 1 day, and the slag discharge takes 1-2 days, so the whole process takes about one week. Not only is it time-consuming and labor-intensive, but this kind of waste oil refinery plant covers a large area, and the input costs and operating costs have increased a lot.

Compared with the horizontal type equipment, vertical waste oil distillation machine has many advantages:

1. It adopts the vertical reactor and is equipped with heating conduction oil boiler system, which not only saves time and fuel, but also achieves automatic slagging.

2. It adopts a professional shell tube condensing system with circulating water to ensure that the oil gas is cooled down and the oil yield can reach more than 85%.

3. It uses a catalyst process to catalytically crack heavy oil fractions into light oil fractions, replacing traditional acid-base washing processes and improving production efficiency.

4. It is equipped with a safety device-water seal device. The syn gas passes through the water seal device and then burns to heated reactor through the gas nozzle. This prevents the syn gas from flowing back and the furnace tempering.

5. At the same time, it is equipped with the professional dedusting device, which can meet the national environmental protection standards.

waste oil distillation machineSome advantages of vertical waste oil distillation machine

Above all, vertical waste oil distillation machine is better than horizontal one. DOING has manufactured vertical waste oil distillation machine for around 10 years. our equipment has high production efficiency and high safety, welcome contact us for more details.

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